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KSRA Weekly Update 3-19-16

(A collaborative effort of the KSRA Legislative team)


Legislative bills and resolutions being tracked by the KSRA:

S Sub for SB 65 now House Substitute for SB 65

  • Would allow public employees to carry concealed on the job outside of their workplace and in municipally owned vehicles.
  • Would allow for the partial securing of state and municipal buildings.
  • Would provide that a person who can legally possess a firearm may carry a concealed handgun in all state and municipal buildings and public areas where statutorily-defined adequate security measures are not in place.
  • Includes the language of the BB/air gun bill, HB 2468, which would prohibit unified school districts from banning BB/air gun clubs, associations, or competitions on their properties.
  • Contains provisions from HB 2591, and would make it easier for active duty military members who are Kansas residents but are stationed in another state to apply for their concealed carry license without having to physically return to the state of Kansas.
  • Includes the provisions of SB 421 otherwise known as the “Wichita Fast Pass” bill which would allow for authorized persons who are not employees of the state or municipality to enter state or municipal buildings through restricted access points if they fulfill the criteria set out in the language of the bill.


House Substitute for SB 65 collects several pro-gun bills that have passed their house of origin into one piece of legislation.  Combining bills on the same topic allows the legislature to more-efficiently deal with the topic and pass language within deadlines.


HB 2591 – requested by Rep. Kevin Jones, (R) Wellsville

This bill would streamline process for active duty military to obtain concealed carry permit.


Update: Both HB 2468 and SB 421 bills were heard Tuesday, March 15 in the House Federal & State Affairs committee, were worked by the committee on Thursday, March 17, and were combined with another bill and passed out of committee on
Friday, March 18 as House Substitute for SB 65.   


HCR 5008 – By Former Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady (R) Palco
and Rep. Adam Lusker, (D) Frontenac

This Resolution is the proposed constitutional amendment relating to the public right to hunt, fish and trap wildlife. HCR 5008 has successfully passed both chambers.


SB 421 – requested by Wichita and Sedgwick County

This bill is also known as the “Wichita Fast Pass bill”, but it is different from the House version, HB 2575.  This bill concerns the process for any non municipal or state employee to gain a “fast pass” in order to enter restricted access areas of public buildings.


SB 479 – requested by Ed Klumpp, KS Assoc of Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs Assoc and Peace Officers Assoc. 

This bill would incorporate a number of federal provisions relating to criminal possession of a firearm in state law, allowing state and local law enforcement to make arrests and otherwise act when these crimes.  Mr. Klumpp requested NRA and KSRA input prior to introducing the bill.


Update: HCR 5008 was unanimously passed out of the Senate on Thursday, March 17.

SB 421 was unanimously passed out of the Senate on Thursday, March 17.

HCR 5008 will now go on the ballot during the general election in November.
SB 479 remains on the Senate Calendar.


HB 2468 – Rep. Blake Carpenter, (R) Derby. 

This bill would authorize possession of air guns on school property.  Organizations such as BB gun clubs cannot be prohibited solely because its activities include the possession and use of air guns.

Update: This bill passed out of the House on Thursday, March 17 by a large majority.




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